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I'll Take That Junk | Worcester Co. Rubbish Removal & Dumpster Rental

Meet the "EASY, NO WEIGHT LIMIT" dumpster

When you rent a dumpster, you aren't simply getting a steel box with letters on the side. You are getting your garage back. You are getting your shed, your basement, your attic back.


In that cleared out space, you will set up a work out area. You will set up an art studio, a man town, a play area.


When you rent from I'll Take That Junk, you aren't just getting a dumpster. You are getting an EASY, NO WEIGHT LIMIT dumpster. Read on to find out what makes this different from other dumpster rentals.


I’ll Take That Junk has the dumpster rental solution specifically geared toward the unique needs of the person who is looking to "clean out". We know you are getting rid of stuff in your house. In every house, there are things like couches, mattresses, electronics, and large appliances. Many dumpster rental services charge extra money for the items that you are throwing away. You shouldn’t have to pay for the dumpster and then pay extra for the stuff you are already paying to throw away. It doesn’t make sense. We set out to solve this problem!


THE EASY, NO WEIGHT LIMIT DUMPSTER is the dumpster you need if you are cleaning out old stuff from the garage, shed, attic, or elsewhere. (This is not the dumpster you need if you are doing a renovation or construction job-please see construction dumpsters).


Why is this so easy and perfect for you?


1. No weight restriction. You will not get a bill for a weight overage for your household cleanout. (Household cleanout is classified as a dumpster in which construction material makes up less than 10% of the load)


2. No long list of banned items. There are no fees for appliances, car batteries, tires, metal, couches, mattresses, air conditioners, curling irons, etc. If it is in your home, chances are, I’ll Take That Junk. We ask that you put metal, appliances, and car batteries near the rear door.


        3. No long list of extra fees! We ONLY charge extra for TV's

           and computer monitors.

        4. 7 day rental period--long enough to complete the job,

           while quick enough to get the dumpster out of your

           driveway fast so you can park there again!


        5. We accept cash, checks, and ALL major credit cards, 

           including AMEX and Discover. We can take payments

           over the phone if you cannot be present when we 

           deliver the dumpster.





15 Yard Dumpster– $375.00 for 7 days ($25.00 per TV/Monitor)
20 Yard Dumpster– $450.00 for 7 days ($25.00 per TV/Monitor) 



"Construction" Dumpster

15 Yard Dumpster– $375.00 for 7 days, 2 tons
20 Yard Dumpster– $450.00 for 7 days, 2.5 tons

****Credit Card must be kept on file during rental in event of weight overage, assessed at $105.00 per ton prorated. Cash, credit, or check is acceptable for initial payment at delivery.****



We have dumpster service available in the following areas:


Shrewsbury, Worcester, Grafton, Boylston, West Boylston, Northboro, Holden, Charlton, Cherry Valley, Auburn, Jefferson, Sutton, Leicester, Paxton, Rochdale, Northborough, Oxford, Rutland, Spencer, Webster, Sterling, Dudley, Douglas.

I'll Take That Junk | Worcester Co. Rubbish Removal & Dumpster Rental
I'll Take That Junk | Worcester Co. Rubbish Removal & Dumpster Rental
15-yard Dumpster

7 Day Rental


I'll Take That Junk | Worcester Co. Rubbish Removal & Dumpster Rental

20-yard Dumpster
7 Day Rental


NO EXTRA FEES FOR appliances and more!!

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