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Shrewsbury Dumpster Rental in Shrewsbury MA 01545

About I'll Take That Junk

I'll Take That Junk | Worcester Co. Rubbish Removal & Dumpster Rental
The "I'll Take That Junk GUARANTEE"

You have work. You have home life. You have responsibilities. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day. The last thing you need to worry about is renting a dumpster. But that pile in the garage has become too much to bear. Now it is time to spend hours researching dumpster companies to find your solution. Your search stops here...

At I'll Take That Junk, we understand that your time is valuable, and scarce. That is why we have created the Easy, No Weight Limit Dumpster Rental for your household cleanout. This is the easiest dumpster rental you will find, WE GUARANTEE IT!! And if you don't agree that its the easiest, we will work within our power to change your mind!

With NO weight limit, NO long list of banned or extra fee items, there is NO REASON TO LOOK ANY FURTHER!

Navigate our website, call us, or check out our reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google to find out how we are different from the rest!


Well we've got answers! We will show you that we are THE Homeowner’s Resource for dumpster rental and junk removal.








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“Our property management firm has used I’ll Take That on numerous occasions.  Josh has helped with residential apartment clean outs, commercial office clean outs and has removed items that were dumped on industrial properties. In addition to the clean outs, we have rented dumpsters from I’ll Take That as well. His pricing is extremely reasonable, the job is done when he says it will be and it is done well.  Being able to text Josh and get a quick response and time frame as to when a job can be done is beneficial to me and my property owners.  I will continue to recommend I’ll Take That and look forward to a long standing relationship.”

 - Maureen Ruane, Glickman Kovago & Co



“I have hired Josh on a couple occasions over the past 2 years to help with rubbish cleanup and yard waste removal for a 2-family property I own.  In both instances, Josh has been extremely courteous and professional in every regard, as well as very up-front and honest regarding pricing – qualities which I have not found during past experiences with trash removal companies.  Josh has always been very responsive and straightforward with regard to my inquiries, and on a couple of occasions, even suggested other means of clean-up which he thought might save me some money, even though it meant passing on the business himself.  Josh has earned my trust and loyalty, and will remain my go-to-guy for all cleanup needs.”

- Ryan Kittredge, Richard Carr & Associates Financial Services



“One of the most efficient and responsive company that I’ve dealt with. Get the job done well. He went above and beyond his service. I’m located in PA and he even took before and after pictures and emailed them to me. He’s great and trustworthy. Thanks Joshua for the excellent services. “

- Winnie A, Property Owner/Landlord



“Joshua delivered a container for a renovation project at my new house. When I spoke to my contractor, he said ‘In all my years as a builder, I have never seen a container company drop off a dumpster, and then proceed to put all the trash I had piled outside into the container. His dedication to service is exemplary.”

— Jim Stanton, of The Law Offices of James Stanton



“I’ll Take That is amazing! I had a large deck that was demolished due to a tree falling down and crushing it. I called them up and PRESTO! Instant dumpster in my front yard ready to be loaded up! No hassles, no fuss and cheap cheap cheap compared to the other guys! Once I filled the bin up, ok, it was a little over-full, they came the next day and hauled it away! No surprises when it came to the disposal fees either. Everything was discussed up-front and spelled out quite clearly. I’ll definitely be calling them again next time I’ve got a pile-o’junk that needs to be taken!”

— Joe R., Charlton, MA


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Shrewsbury Dumpster Rental & Rubbish Removal in Shrewsbury MA 01545

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