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Shrewsbury Dumpster Rental in Shrewsbury MA 01545

Meet The "EASY, NO WEIGHT LIMIT" Dumpster in Upton, Massachusetts

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Upton MA Dumpster Rental

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I'll Take That Junk: Dumpster Rentals & Junk Removal in Upton MA 01568

Owners: Josh Kleiner & Tom Hammond (Left to Right)

Upton's #1 Professional Dumpster Rental Company For Over 10 Years!

Book a Dumpster Online in Upton, Massachusetts Right Now! I'll Take That Junk provides the cheapest, most affordable same-day dumpster rental in Upton MA and adjoining communities. I'll Take That Junk is home to the "NO HASSLE, NO WEIGHT LIMIT DUMPSTER" with the easiest, fastest booking, on-time dumpster delivery and pick-up as well as exemplary customer service in homes and businesses in Upton MA.


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How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Dumpster in Upton MA?


10 Yard Dumpster Rental – $425.00 for 7 days  

15 Yard Dumpsters – $525.00 for 7 days 
20 Yard Dumpster – $625.00 for 7 days

($40.00 per TV/Monitor  *  $75.00 per Mattress/Box Spring  *  $20.00 per Tire)


When you rent a dumpster in Upton MA, you aren't simply getting a steel box with letters on the side. You are reclaiming your space. In the newly cleared out space you can set up a game room, a workshop, office, a bar, Mantown, a gym or simply enjoy the minimalist lifestyle... Free From Clutter!

When you rent a dumpster from I'll Take That Junk in Upton Massachusetts, you aren't just getting a dumpster. You are getting The "EASY, NO WEIGHT LIMIT DUMPSTER." I'll Take That Junk's mission is to provide the easiest, most hassle-free dumpster rentals and junk removal service in Upton MA and has worked hard to differentiate themselves from the other dumpster rental companies in The Upton Area.

Dumpster Rental in Upton MA: No Weight Limits & No Long List of Banned Items!

I’ll Take That Junk has the dumpster rental solution specifically geared toward the unique needs of the person who is looking to "clean out". We know you are getting rid of stuff in your house. In every house, there are things like couches, electronics, and large appliances. Many dumpster rental services charge extra money for the items that you are throwing away. You shouldn’t have to pay for the dumpster and then pay extra for the stuff you are already paying to throw away. It doesn’t make sense. We Set Out To Solve This Problem!

THE EASY, NO WEIGHT LIMIT DUMPSTER is the dumpster you need if you are cleaning out old stuff from the garage, shed, attic, or elsewhere.

Why Is I'll Take That Junk The Right Choice For Dumpster Rental in Upton MA?

1. No Weight Restriction. You will not get a bill for a weight overage for your household cleanout. (Household cleanout is classified as a dumpster in which construction material makes up less than 10% of the load)

2. No Long List of Banned Items. There are no fees for appliances, car batteries, tires, metal, couches, air conditioners, curling irons, etc. If it is in your home, chances are, I’ll Take That Junk. We ask that you put metal, appliances, and car batteries near the rear door.


        3. No Long List of "Extra" Fees! We ONLY charge for TV's, Computer Monitors, Tires, Mattresses & Box Springs       

        4. 7 Day Dumpster Rentals: Long Enough To Get The Job Done Then You Can Have Your Driveway Back!


        5. We Accept Cash, Checks & ALL Major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, AmEx & Discover For Convenience.

Curbside Junk Removal in Upton MA
We Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

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Who Has The Lowest Priced Dumpsters in Upton MA?

I'll Take That Junk in Upton, Massachusetts 01568

Cheapest Dumpster Rental in Upton MA 01568

I'll Take That Junk is one of the most prolific junk removal companies in Upton, Massachusetts providing the fastest curbside junk removal in Central Massachusetts as well as many other types of projects!

  • Estate Clean-outs

  • Garage Junk Removal Service

  • Spring Cleaning & De-Cluttering

  • Construction Site Debris Removal

  • Old Furniture Removal Service

  • Scrap Metal Removal & Recycling

  • Basement Clean-out & De-Cluttering

  • Yard Waste Removal Service

  • Landlord/Tenant Apartment Clean-out

  • Couch Removal & Armchair Removal

  • Mattress Removal & Box Springs

  • Old TV & Computer Monitor Removal

Up To 4 Cubic Yards of Junk Picked-Up & Removed For Only $160

Upton's #1 Rubbish Removal Service in Upton MA 01568
15-yard Dumpster

7 Day Rental


Upton's #1 Dumpster Rental Service in Upton MA 01568

20-yard Dumpster
7 Day Rental


(508) 801-1640   or   (774) 239-4788

Tom Hammond (Call or Text)

Josh Kleiner (Call or Text)

NO EXTRA FEES FOR Appliances and Furniture!!

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